Our Vision


To better serve the University City community, Regency Centers is planning to revitalize Costa Verde Center, which was built in 1989 before any of the surrounding residential. It currently has 178,000 square feet of community-serving retail.

The new center will:

  • Provide more choices by adding new stores and local restaurants, including a pharmacy.
  • Maintain convenient neighborhood services, including the grocery store, gas station and McDonald’s.
  • Create a comfortable and walkable neighborhood destination for nearby residents.
  • Add first-class bike amenities, including a bike plaza, bike lockers and internal bike lanes.
  • Provide an elevated rooftop park for a welcoming connection to the future Mid-Coast Trolley Station.
  • Be a model of smart growth for the region by embracing transit connections and sustainability.
  • Transform into a mixed-use, transit-oriented destination with a 200-room community hotel and coworking office space.


for the area along Genesee Avenue to design and create a cohesive urban environment with direct connections to surrounding uses and transit.

— City of San Diego’s Planning Department report


March 2016

Submitted project application to City and began outreach program

July 2016

Held City public meeting

January 2018

Released Draft Environmental Impact Report


Hold University City Planning Group, Planning Commission and City Council hearings

Late 2019

Begin construction


“Regency officials met with nearly 250 neighbors of the center [mid November] to gather feedback on needs such as improving traffic circulation and adding pedestrian and bike-friendly amenities.”

– San Diego Business Journal

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“Costa Verde Center has been an integral part of University City for nearly three decades, serving the everyday needs of the local community, and we are committed to ensuring that it stays this way,” said John Murphy, vice president of investments and project executive for the Costa Verde project for Regency.

Read full article on their website here!
Download PDF of the article here!

When Costa Verde was built in 1989, there was little else around it. Since then, several multi-story apartment buildings have gone up and more are planned, including four apartment towers adjacent to the shopping center. “It [Costa Verde Center] has performed well for us,” Regency Centers’ Vice President John W. Murphy said, “but the center has become outdated…”

– San Diego Business Journal

Download PDF of the article here!

The City of San Diego released the project’s Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on January 31, 2018. This is a major milestone for the project, as it allows the community to offer comments about the project. The Draft EIR can be reviewed on the City’s website. Comments can be submitted to DSDEAS@sandiego.gov until April 2, 2018.

– The Times of San Diego

Download the Draft EIR here!

Questions? Email: Connect@CostaVerdeCenter.com