Our Vision

Costa Verde Center Revitalization Project

A Better Costa Verde Center

A Better Visitor Experience

A Better Place to Gather with Friends

A Better Place to Work

Re-imagining a Better Costa Verde Center

Regency Centers owns and operates the Costa Verde Center which was built nearly four decades ago, long before it was surrounded by more than 17,800 homes within a one-mile radius. Regency has been working with the community on plans to revitalize the center to enhance the site’s vitality and take advantage of the regional investment in the $3B Mid Coast Trolley line. The project has been approved and Regency is excited to share the full scope and timing with the community soon.

To better serve the University City community and better meet the needs of neighbors and customers, Regency Centers is planning to fix the center’s parking and layout and add new community amenities and choices for shopping and dining. Regency Centers has also partnered with Alexandria Real Estate to create new office space that can meet the needs of San Diego’s growing life science industry.

The Amenities You Love, and New Ones too!

  • Gourmet grocer and specialty food retailer
  • Fitness operator
  • Increased restaurant space
  • Gas station
  • Car wash
  • McDonald’s
  • Post Office
  • Dry cleaners
  • Pharmacy NEW!
  • Expanded event plaza NEW!
  • Enhanced trolley connection NEW!
  • Bike plaza NEW!
  • Underground parking NEW!
  • A lifestyle hotel for visitors NEW!
  • Office space near the trolley NEW!
  • Daycare NEW!
  • Pedestrian Main Street NEW!
  • Expanded green space NEW!
  • Community gathering area NEW!


The Costa Verde Center Revitalization Project will drastically improve the visitor experience on the site. The existing center has multiple levels and requires the use of escalators to navigate and access all of the shops. This is inconvenient for most people, so the proposed project will level the site and now place the majority of retail on one level along a Main Street promenade, making it easy to access for visitors to the property.

The proposed project will also improve the biking experience by constructing dedicated bike lanes on the north side of Nobel Drive and, as requested by the City, extending the bike lanes to Regents Road. These improvements are consistent with the City of San Diego’s plans for mobility infrastructure in the University community. Regency Centers and Alexandria are also working with Circulate San Diego, the region’s leading mobility advocates, to design improvements and enhancements at crosswalks along the perimeter of the property.

You Spoke, We Listened!

Regency Centers has received hundreds of letters from community members over the last five years about the project. Based on your feedback, Regency Centers has updated the Costa Verde project to remove the parking garage and move it underground. This has allowed us to level the property, creating better pedestrian access along the Main Street promenade for the shops, restaurants, grocery store and pharmacy.

Project Timeline

Winter 2019
Project plans and technical studies finalized

Spring 2020
Draft Environmental Impact Report released

Spring 2020
University City Planning Group hearings

Fall 2020
Full approval from Planning Commission and City Council

Spring 2022
Construction begins



New local stores, restaurants, services, groceries and a pharmacy


Everyday needs like the car wash, gas station, McDonald’s and grocery store will stay


Direct and easy Trolley access through the plaza to the new station


Welcoming pedestrian entrances from Las Palmas Square and Costa Verde Boulevard


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